Who we are:

A certified UAE Tax agent with a significant range of experience working with large corporate, off- shore and group companies and small businesses worldwide.

We can assist you to ensure you are compliant with your tax obligations in UAE. In addition, we have an expert team of highly-qualified individuals who specialise in accounting and book keeping. We can confidently assist you with the best possible tailor-made services to meet your needs and requirements.

Why we do it:

As you will we well aware, having a business comes with its own set of challenges and obstacles. Being VAT registered means that you, as a business owner, have the duty of being in compliance, failure to do so equals more processing time and fines to rectify any issues. That’s where we come in, ensuring you are in complete compliance with FTA, saving you potential fines and the additional stress that comes with it, to help you focus on doing your business that you love in the best way possible, distraction free. Furthermore, an experienced and accredited VAT agent will go above and beyond the normal tax submission to ensure you get back all the tax refunds possible in your business, resulting in cost savings for your business, such benefit varies based on the industry. The Punctuality would be honored to be your aid throughout your business journey and ensure it is smooth sailing.

What we are doing:

Becoming your VAT partner and support during your business journey, we offer an array of services depending on your need to make sure you’re covered, so you can focus on your business success without a worry.
If you are an established business or whether you are just starting off, we are here to support you and guide you each step of the way. Our services consist of:

  • All Tax services (VAT return filing, VAT refund application, tax consultation, Tax compliance & Audit review, VAT registration, deregistration, grouping, drafting & submitting clarification and re-consideration request to the FTA, tax Residency Certificate, tax residency managing, any requests, queries or disputes with the FTA).
  • Full representation with the FTA.
  • VAT auditing services.
  • VAT training sessions delivered to your company employees.
  • Accounting bookkeeping and financial statement preparation.
  • Accounting & POS software setup.